Saturday, June 15, 2013

Aroran Beta Test #2

A few months ago I mentioned that my son Kai and I were launching a beta version of a website we've been designing for the past year and a half. As it turns out, that first attempt was something of a non-starter. So we went back to the drawing board and hope that we now have a site that will be both more intriguing and engaging. 

This new site will pose a new question to it's readers each week. It is our hope that each question will be compelling enough to encourage reflection and candid responses from participants. It is the honesty and authenticity of these responses that will, hopefully, support an experience of shared connection regarding common concerns in our lives.

As with the previous version, your responses will be posted via Twitter. The difference in this iteration of the website is that: 1. You aren't required to have a Twitter account, and 2. A box is available for you to automatically post an anonymous response (thus offering participants complete anonymity without their candid response showing up on their Twitter feed). This site is now supported on most web browsers and many mobile devices. (We're still working on getting it to work on iPhones, while it is finally able to work on iPads.)

This new site can be found at

We welcome your participation in this next phase of our experiment in social media. If you have any comments you would like to make about the site, please email me directly at And please feel free to encourage others to visit this site. For your convenience there is a share (+) button on page 3 that connects you to many commonly used social media platforms.

Thank you.

Here is our mission statement:

Maybe social media can help us not only learn about others but ourselves.

Aroran is a community of reflection. It is a place for questions without easy answers, a place where the asking may be as important as the answer. Each week Aroran posts a new question. You can respond through Twitter by including #aroran in your tweet. You can use your personal Twitter account or the anonymous account located below the candle.

If you have a question you feel is right for Aroran, send it to us on Twitter at @aroranquestion. We will select a new question each week.

We hope that Aroran is a way for a different kind of sharing. 

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